5 STARS: The Palms at Park is the perfect holiday getaway!

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The Palms at Park is the perfect holiday getaway! David and his concierge were so hospitable and accommodating. From The moment we booked they reached out to me to ask about details of our trip so that they could send us in the right direction. He had great restaurant recommendations, places to get drinks, and fun things to do in Palm Springs if we needed to leave the house. As far as the house goes, it was amazing! Perfect for entertaining! Modern, spacious but also comfortable. All the rooms had a bathroom attached and lots of room for luggage and such. My favorite part was the open kitchen which was perfect to hang around and make dinner and have drinks! The pool and outside area was beautiful, clean and fun! We didn't realize how strict they were about the music and noise in Palm Springs now but it really wasn't a problem. It really allowed us to talk and enjoy the days together. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be coming back to stay! Thank you David!!